Deeside Micros going strong

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All warmed up following the excitement of the final game of the RWC, Deeside RFC Micro warriors showed Grammar, Garioch and hosts Ellon that they are here to stay and they mean business.

Once again they showcased the most amazing rugby skills, tagging and scoring and dodging like the pros.

Some amazing scores and plays by all.

Even at the end, when tiredness (following a late night of trick or treating) was overtaking the muscles and bones but never the hearts, they rose to the occasion with talent, skills, perseverance, concentration and an amazing respect for rugby values.

Fantastic attendance at all ages. 27 players distributed in 4 teams and 2 categories. 2 P3 teams and 2 mixed P2/P1 teams. 20 games played, 2 draws and the only 2 defeats (one in each category) came when a Deeside team faced another Deeside team.