Walkers rescued from Ben Macdui summit

Ben Macdui
Ben Macdui

Two young men have been described as “lucky” after rescuers found them in difficulty near the north summit of Ben Macdui.

The hillwalkers raised the alarm after finding themselves stuck in high winds and blizzards on the Cairngorm Plateau.

Rescue team leader Willie Anderson said: “It was two young chaps in their early twenties who had set off from the Cairngorms Ski Centre at Aviemore two days ago.

“They got completely overwhelmed by the weather on Cairngorm when the wind was over 100 mph.

“There was thunder and lightning and there was a blizzard at the top.

“They were unable to make a call but they got a text out with their grid reference.”

However, members of the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue team could not be certain whether they would find the pair at the given grid reference, or whether that was simply their last known location.

With severe weather making a full scale search difficult, a group of four rescuers set off on foot in the hope of locating the missing hillwalkers.

A Royal Navy search and rescue helicopter was called in to aid the rescue effort.

The helicopter picked up the walkers once the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue team had guided them down to a lower level.

Willie Anderson said: “They’re lucky guys. Their sleeping bags and everything was completely soaked.”

The rescue team leader advised walkers how to stay safe in the current severe weather conditions.

He said: “Don’t go out in winds like that. Progress is virtually impossible.

“You can still have a day out but make alternative plans and try to keep low when the wind’s reaching 100 mph, which it’s predicted to again.”