Park project looks at changing landscape

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A photography project with a difference has been launched in the Cairngorms to look at how our landscape changes over time.

Cairngorms Scenic Photo Posts have popped up all over the Cairngorms National Park and anyone with a camera, tablet or smartphone can get involved in this new project.

The wooden posts are at 14 stunning locations across the Cairngorms National Park and each one has a camera bracket on top to ensure everyone takes exactly the same view. Having found the post, pop your camera, phone or tablet into the bracket, take a photo and then you can register and upload the image on to the Photo Posts website and contribute to a visual record of our changing landscape.

The project is a pilot initiative designed and set up by the Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) with support and funding from the Forestry Commission for Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).

Some of the views are wide, panoramic and stunning, others are close-up and focused on the detail of an interesting habitat.

The website is now live at