Mary Ann Kennedy showcases her new album ‘Glaschu’ in Aberdeen

Celebrated Scottish Gael Mary Ann Kennedy will visit The Lemon Tree in Aberdeen on Tuesday, April 30, to perform tracks from her new album, ‘Glaschu’ – A Hometown Love Song for Glasgow, released internationally later this month.

The new studio album is inspired by the singer’s home city of Glasgow and features songs and poetry celebrating city life past and present.

Audiences will be graced with Mary Ann’s distinct vocal set against influential poetry and electrifying instrumentals, portraying a city’s kaleidoscope of life through the ages.

Mary Ann said: “For this tour I will be sharing a wee bit of Glasgow with the people of Aberdeen, bringing my home town love songs to their town.

“These songs are inspired by the ebb-and-flow migration that is part of every city in the world in the world and I hope fans will identify with that.

“I’m looking forward to seeing lots of faces in the crowd this spring.”

Mary Ann was raised speaking Gaelic and continues to give centre-stage to her native language with songs that celebrate the vibrancy of city life and that aren’t afraid to tackle themes such as social deprivation and religious tension.

The year began successfully for Mary Ann, with ‘Glaschu’ showcased at Scotland’s renowned Celtic Connections festival in January ahead of the album’s spring release.

In 2017, Mary Ann won the MG Alba Scots Trad Music Award for Community Project of the Year with the Tiree Songbook. Mary Ann was also nominated for Album of the Year for ‘An Dàn’ (ARC Music); Gaelic Singer of The Year; and Trad Music in the Media for ‘Seirm’ – the BBC TV series which Mary Ann presents annually from Celtic Connections.

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